Sunday, March 18, 2012

Linky Parties!

I love Linky Parties!  It's a wonderful way to find other teacher blogs and so many ideas!  Not to mention, I love an opportunity to get my blog out there!  So first, here's a Blog List by grade level over at Math Coach's Corner

And second, Teach123 is linking up blogs that are handing out teaching tips. So, here are some things I have learned in my various teaching environments....

I know it may sound horrible, but it's a great tip.  Especially in a school.  Maybe it's because we're around tattle telling kids children who feel the need to point out everyone else's wrongs all day.  After all, You are what you teach, right?

 And I always find this to be true!  Besides, you can plan, and plan, and plan, but you just never know what your kids are going to do.  Or what they are going to grasp.  Sometimes my best lessons are the ones that start with me declaring, "Oh!  I know.  Let's try this!"

And there's my Sunday morning reflection!  Time to hit the plan books to get ready for the week ahead....gotta be prepared in order to get those A-ha moments!

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