All About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog and wanting to learn more about me!

I graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Generic Special Education in 2005 (I loved it, btw!  Went back in 2010 to get my master's in Divergent Learning).  I then began teaching in a Learning Disabilities Self Contained Middle School Classroom.  My first year was hell crappy a year of crying interesting.  I didn't think I would make it past Christmas, and I knew that I wouldn't be teaching for longer than 3 years (that's when my loans would be forgiven!) My second year, I stayed at the same school, but I moved to a resource classroom.  That year, I had more faith in my ability to make it to Christmas, but I still knew I wouldn't be teaching for long.  Fast forward to 2011-2012, and I found myself in my seventh year of teaching, and suddenly in an elementary an elementary Self Contained an elementary Self Contained Emotional Disabilities classroom.... Last year was hell crappy a year of crying interesting.  But, as always, I survived with most of my sanity in check!  Now, I'm going back to my middle school roots, in a brand new school district (still in South Carolina), in an EMD (Educable Mental Disabilities) Self Contained Classroom.  So, yes, I'm undertaking yet another new environment, but like I've said before, I'm in it to win it!

So, bring it, children!  I'll teach you how to read and some social skills!  

Shoot me an email about anything you see on my blog, or just anything you happen to be thinking about! I love getting email and would love to hear from other teachers!


  1. Love the honesty!!! I'm starting my first year in a self contained autism classroom and want to think I'm ready for anything. I just started my blog and I'll be sharing my ups and downs of the year.

    Challenges Make Life Interesting

  2. Last year was my "interesting" year, although it was my 11th as a middle school life skills teacher, it felt like a 2nd first year! Love your blog. Pinned the Anger Mgmt box, and went to find more about it. I too am an artist/crafter/SPED teacher. Look forward to checking out the sites you recommend.

    1. Thanks so much! It's reassuring to know that other veteran teachers feel like they are first year teachers sometimes too!