Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome, 2012!

Ah, the first day back to school after 2 weeks of well-deserved vacation, and everyone survived!  We even unveiled our all new "Stop and Think" area!

The students were all very excited to try out the moon chair, and check out the new posters!  
As much as I don't want anyone to get angry and cry or flip desks in my classroom, I'm really looking forward to having to use it!!



  1. I love your class space for students to Stop and Think! I hope it works well for you and hope it doesn't have to be used often! I am now following your blog on google connect. :-)


  2. Thank you! So far the kids are using it really well! They go over, sit a moment, then say, "I'm ready to talk." It's so great to see them maturing right in front of my eyes!!! Makes all the stressful days worth it!