Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sensory Bottle Believer!

Ok, I had complete little faith in using the sensory bottles in my Anger Toolbox.  I blame attribute it to being in middle school, and primarily teaching students with learning disabilities in the past.  Despite my lack of faith, I gave them a fair shot in the Toolbox....and lo and behold, I am now a believer!  Thing 1 particularly likes using these bottles to help her calm down when she is having a moment.  Even if she is too angry to get the bottles herself, she responds quickly when one is handed to her.  It actually calms her and helps her focus on making good decisions.  She then gets the reflection paper out of the toolbox and writes down her feelings.  Thing 1 really gets into the good decision making process, and I plan to take full credit for it with my sensory bottles!
The squeezy stress balls have worked well too!


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